Why are we GLOCAL?

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We are getting this question a lot lately: “Why are you glocal, is it global or glocal?”

According to Oxford Languages and Google:




reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations.”

We also thought a lot about this choice. Let’s remember what were our ideas to decide on it eventually:

– We are two business partners, Betül from Turkey and Noël from Spain.

– We are based in two countries, Spain and Estonia.

– We have a multicultural team from Spain, Turkey, Morocco, and Russia.

– I’m traveling all around the world and experiencing different cultures as a digital nomad, lately in South America. Meanwhile, Noel is establishing our reliability with a settled presence in Zaragoza, Spain. We widen our world while having a safe zone for our clients.

– We do multicultural marketing, and take our clients beyond their cultures and lands by connecting them to different markets in different countries.

– We care about local perception while being aware of the dynamics of globalization.

– We run localization and internationalization projects with enthusiasm and sensitivity to being in an intercultural storm.


With the value, knowledge, and point of views that we have, we believe that “GLOCAL” is a meaningful choice to use in our name.

That’s how ARTUbeats Marketing turned into ARTUbeats Global Marketing.

We hope you enjoy reading this, share your ideas with us if you think we can carry it further with new executions.


Betül & Noël

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